Comics 4 Adoption

Comics 4 adoption is unique bespoke comedy experience bringing together professional comedians who have first hand experience of adoption, fostering or care.  Each comedian has been carefully selected onto our books, as we understand the importance of their story and the impact it can make in society.

This is a totally unique concept as no other comedy agency is supporting adoption/fostering/care in such a way.

The adoption and fostering arena is fraught with difficult and complex subject matter, but humour makes these issues more accessible and attainable to understand.  It is not about ridicule but about reaching into new demographics using what Adoption Arena has termed ‘Ethical comedy’.

Ethical Comedy

Ethical comedy is humour that has a social heart at the root of its nature.  It is inventive, creative and educational.

'Comics 4 Adoption' comedians

‘Comics 4 Adoption’ comedians


  • It helps the hearer to regain understanding, as a joke is easy to tell to a friend and then discuss the words and education behind the joke.  It is a great way of spreading a message. If people are laughing, then they are listening and learning.
  • Humour allows the comedian to explore difficult emotions and go deeper than purely speaking about something.
  • Comedy is a great way of spreading the adoption message and engaging with different cultures, young people, possible adopters and those with no knowledge or interest in this subject.  Combining serious topics with humour isn’t new, but new to this field.

Target audience

The role of the comedian as the quote says at the bottom of the page, is to be able to adapt to any audience so whether an audience is young, old, male/female etc. A comedian will be able to engage and interact with them. This is great for uniting companies, building community and sharing positive experiences.

So why not book ‘Comics 4 Adoption’ for your event?

The shows can be for your business, corporate supporters, your organisation, fundraising events or parties. In addition to shows, a talk or seminar can also be added to the event for maximum impact.

Booking shows

This is simple, as every show is carefully tailor made for each client, Adoption Arena has a great team of bookers and show produces to help you add some laughter to your event.

Just visit the contacts page and drop us a line.


‘Experts at restructuring and reframing negative and tragic circumstances into humorous ones, comedians often accomplish on stage what therapists hope to accomplish in their offices.  Those who seek an effective means of coping with and overcoming everything from minor life stressors to major tragedies would benefit from learning the way of the comedian’ Nichole Force, M.A Psychology 2011

Comics 4 Adoption 2013 show

Comics 4 Adoption 2013 show



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