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March 2017


Dear friend,

I hope you are well and are all set for Spring 2017! Woohoo

I’m excited to say that 2017 has been good so far to Adoption Arena and like the magical change from Winter to Spring we are excited that new shoots of opportunities and work are coming forth!

Garden Golden Crocus of new joys coming up

Garden Golden Crocus of new joys coming up


Adoption Symposium at Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster

Adoption Arena was invited to present a short talk at a large Adoption Symposium organised by Public Policy Exchange on 1st February.

This was a very exciting day so I accompanied Judith Craig-Morency a social worker/writer and speaker for Adoption Arena to support her as she shared her wisdom about the current state of the social care system, Government reforms and how the adoption and fostering system can be improved by listening the voice of Adoptees and those in care.



*Watch a clip about the day

It was a brilliant opportunity for us as we met old friends made new ones and formed stronger bonds with the adoption professional community.


Trip to Parliament

On 30th January I went to the House of Commons to engage with MP’s about the adoption reforms. Here I am in the Central Lobby with my Christmas present from my parents a ‘Telephone bag!’ And yep, it actually works by plugging into your smartphone, it proved popular with the security police on entry so much so that I was surrounded in the Commons security area immediately… Forget the ‘armed police’ it felt more like the ‘Fashion Police’ They loved it! It made me laugh and all those in the queue to enter Parliament – Hilarious!

At the Commons in the Central Lobby with my Telephone Bag!

At the Commons in the Central Lobby with my Telephone Bag!

Adoption Comedy Tour to Universities

On 9th February I visited Nottingham Trent University.

It was a super day. I performed 30 minutes of my 1hr comedy adoption show ‘Spot the Difference’ and did a 30-minute power-point presentation talk about the future of social work, government adoption reforms and the role of Adoption Arena. In total 70 tickets were booked and we had an excellent turnout of students, faculty and some members of the general public.

During the Q and A session a social science student told me that she would never place a black child with a white family, but after seeing the show and hearing about the positive arguments and reforms being put in place to help parents adopt transracially, she said she would definitely now consider it. It greatly encouraged me about the importance of this show & presentation to Universities and to young people alike.


Here is a short clip of  the University Show and talk


Projects for 2017: Adoption Comedy Tour and Workshops for young people

Following on from the success of Nottingham Trent University I am now in talks with a number of other Universities and Colleges of Higher Education about performing ‘Spot the Difference’ comedy adoption comedy show and a presentation for them.  Maybe you have links to any Universities and feel this may be of interest to them? Please feel free to forward on this newsletter link to them to help to spread the word, thank you tons!


Workshops for young adoptees

I am also in talks with various adoption organisations about some adoption comedy workshops to help young adopted/fostered people use comedy to help find their voice, build inner confidence and explore some of their complex life story issues around their own adoption and fostering story.

*If you are interested in booking the tour or a workshop please do get in touch.


Building Supporters around the UK

I am pleased to announce that more supporters of this work have come forward, but further funding is still required.

Without financial support this work will struggle to grow, like the picture of my crocus at the top. If you are interested in supporting the Adoption Arena work, Comedy shows and workshops for young people then please do visit my stewardship page for one off donations or to become a regular giver.


*Thank you so much and for any questions pls email:

Support Adoption Comedy and Workshop 2017 Campaign

*If you would also like to help me find financial supporters I am happy to travel to meet any interested individuals, business or groups in the UK.

It is very important to me to have quality face-time with those helping this work.


Many thanks for all your support and time in reading this

Best wishes. Next newsletter will be in May 2017, or check the website for articles and updates.


Many Blessings to you and thank you so much,


Joy :-) 

Author: Joy Carter

Joy Carter CEO and founder of Adoption Arena. ‘Sharing Joy’ sees Joy write on the positives in this field. What can we learn? What is the government and society doing or not doing concerning adoption or fostering? Expect exclusive interviews and narrative. Read more

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