Nottingham Trent University Social Work Teaching Partnership Event

Nottingham Trent University

Social Work and Health School of Social Sciences

Date: 9th february 2017

Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm with drinks

Event/lecture/show: Social Work Teaching Partnership Comedy/adoption campaigner Joy Carter talks her show and engaging adoption into society

watch an event clip:


I was invited to share my award winning show in September 2016 and was really excited to be able to visit Nottingham Trent University to deliver a 30 minute version of my hour comedy show about adoption, with a 30 minute talk to discuss some of the challenges for social workers and the UK Adoption System as a whole with a powerpoint presentation.


Comedy is a great way to engage all audiences about this subject, armed with passion I went forth.

Interestingly, on route I received an invitation by BBC 5 live to swing past the BBC Nottingham Studios to discuss Madonna and her latest adoption of twins.  Overseas adoptions are complex but still need more understanding, positive press and media coverage to encourage society to engage with them. In 2015 only 59 children were sadly adopted from overseas to the UK and we are only going to receive 350 Syrian children…  I believe this figure is a disgrace.


BBC 5LIVE: On my way to discuss  Madonna and her latest overseas adoption

BBC 5LIVE: On my way to discuss Madonna and her latest overseas adoption

When the adoption, fostering and care systems work well they are life changing and life affirming. Together, they have the ability to overcome a tragedy in a child’s formative years to help them to reach their life goals and integrate productively and creatively into society. As the founder of Adoption Arena and being a musical comedian, I understand the power of the creative arts through music, comedy, dance or film to engage all areas of society to overthrow current negative perceptions.


The future of adoption, fostering and care lies in reform, innovation and a desire to adapt to the ever-changing political and social climate.








Humour and adoption is helping to put  smiles back

Humour and adoption is helping to put smiles back


The future for young people is bright but it will take the whole of society to help them to succeed, we are all corporate parents at the end of the day.


Thank you for reading.. and please do come to a show – or book it for your corporate, university or social event?

Joy :-)


Author: Joy Carter

Joy Carter CEO and founder of Adoption Arena. ‘Sharing Joy’ sees Joy write on the positives in this field. What can we learn? What is the government and society doing or not doing concerning adoption or fostering? Expect exclusive interviews and narrative. Read more

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