Future of Adoption in the UK

Public Policy Exchange have invited Adoption Arena speaker/social worker/writer Judith Craig Morency to talk at this prestigious and important event at The Park Plaza Hotel on 1st February 2017. Joy Carter (CEO) will also attend to answer questions and present what Adoption Arena plans to do in 2017 to engage the public, media and government to adoption, fostering and care issues.

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Future of adoption in the UK: Re-designing the adoption system to improve outcomes for children and families

the adoption journey...

the adoption journey…

What is the future of adoption in the UK, is it a simple re-design job?  Many of you know the adoption system is not a stand alone structure, it connects directly and equally to the Foster and care system and is yet further intertwined to other arterial bodies such as the child protection services, adoption and fostering organisations, social workers, local authorities, NHS, mental heath issues, schools, education, criminal justice systems and housing… I could go on but you get the picture.

I believe if one is going to correctly examine one area or strive to improve it then the other systems need also be upgraded otherwise the whole system will still flounder. We need stronger links, foundations and renovations as society changes rapidly economically and politically.

Some of the government reforms

1. To set up the Adoption support fund 

2. Formation of Regional Adoption Centers


Many children have been failed by the state, schools and families over the years, this government is finally addressing the problem, but like any untreated wound it has amassed over the years into a huge open wound, scaring many a life and causing the whole of this country to suffer. Some reading this may think that such issues are convoluted and do not affect them directly but as society chooses to forget the hidden thousands who have or who still are suffering social neglect, the sheer fiscal cost to society is a long term bill that is spiralling out of control.

So what is to be done? Is it merely a political issue?

Well not many politicians will champion such a heavy burden (dating back to 1960) as it fails to be solvable beyond the MP’s 4-year term of office, that decision has helped to get the adoption, fostering and care system into a loveless underfunded, under-researched, reformed and integrated level of social acceptance in 2017.

I believe it is a social, political and educational issue.

Basically, we are all a young persons ‘corporate parent’ and should be willing to ‘do our bit’ for the invisible child that sits down at our meal tables everyday.


We at Adoption Arena are very hopeful that during the day’s debate deeper revelations and realisations of this topic will come to light, leading to a new united, inspired think pattern that will result in progressive future actions to emerge. So please do watch out for a special article of interviews and writings following the day’s findings from me.



You wouldn’t allow your child a substandard upbringing, but many children are living a food and shelter existence only, we all know this isn’t enough to succeed in life… Especially if one has suffered high levels of trauma, abuse and neglect.


“There are tens of thousands of children in the UK who will grow up in the care of the state. Some will be adopted, most will be cared for by foster carers and keep in touch with their families. 1 in 4 people have a connection with adoption and fostering, but we could do so much more to bring people together to understand, help and support this disparate community. This website has the potential to support and grow a real social network, one that can provide information, challenge myths and stereotypes, and help adopted and fostered children right through to adulthood, because being a child is only the beginning of their story.”

Harvey Gallagher, Chief Executive. Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers


Why not attend the event on 1st February – join us?

If you are interested in attending, please do click on the link below to register and pay as tickets are limited.

Public Policy Exchange.co.uk

Reforming Adoption and Fostering Services - 3rd February 2016

Reforming Adoption and Fostering Services – 3rd February 2016

Many thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you at the event

*Please get in touch if you wish to book Judith Craig Morency, Joy Carter or any of the Adoption Arena team to speak at your event


Author: Joy Carter

Joy Carter CEO and founder of Adoption Arena. ‘Sharing Joy’ sees Joy write on the positives in this field. What can we learn? What is the government and society doing or not doing concerning adoption or fostering? Expect exclusive interviews and narrative. Read more

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