Conservative Adoption Politics

Conservative Adoption Politics

Well I am writing this in a state of intrepidation mixed with excitement as I’m about to attend my first political conference – today I go to the Conservative Party Conference 2015..

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WHY my friends keep asking – you’re a comic! Some think I’m just going for material for my new show, others think I’m attending to start a punch up.. But the truth is I’m attending because I believe that to engage with politicians is the best way rather than waving an angry placard.

I have seen much change over the past few years on the adoption and fostering front, some good stuff under the Tory party such as their new 2012 legislation change to free up the culture matching/religion laws to increase the chances of especially children from ethnic minorities to be found forever homes; however, I have also seen what I consider to be ‘bad’ stuff like the virtual abolition of (BAAF) The British Association of Adoption and Fostering loosing it’s government funding in the Summer of 2015.

So I go today with mixed feelings. I have a few MP’s I wish to engage with and some who have very kindly offered me a friendly cup of coffee and a chat to discuss the Families Bill and a few ideas moving forward. I am writing this to encourage us not so much to picket and complain but to stress the importance of getting involved in your local party and not allow yourself to get disenchanted and choose the voiceless angry ‘opt-out-vote’ route. Even if you have chosen not to have a political voice, we owe our voices and the plethora of our often difficult adoption and fostering experiences to share it to the relevant parties to improve the landscape for the young children who are stuck in the system who are struggling and do not have a voice… What about them? What about the next generation of young people who’s cries are not being heard? Surely we should keep trying..?

I have been in showbiz more or less my whole life.. I can’t say I’m politically well connected, but I have a desire to join with anyone who wants to help improve the lives of young people and make a change. Do I see myself working in Parliament over the next 5 years – Totally. Will I try and introduce compulsory dance and singing classes in the Commons – YES! Only joking (not really.)

Seriously, whatever you are passionate about that will benefit the lives of not just those who we love, but those who are less fortunate than ourselves then we must not give up the fight. I may take a few ‘hits’ over the next few days; have a few people say stupid stuff to me – whatever! I have a thousand children in my heart whose cries I hear every time I close my eyes.

Let’s not quit. Let’s turn our disappointment to appointment and do what we can to make a change – because, quite simply. Life is worth it.

See you at the conference if your there and readying this.. and if you see a showbiz type black woman looking lost – it’s ME! Come and say ‘hi’

Author: Joy Carter

Joy Carter CEO and founder of Adoption Arena. ‘Sharing Joy’ sees Joy write on the positives in this field. What can we learn? What is the government and society doing or not doing concerning adoption or fostering? Expect exclusive interviews and narrative. Read more

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