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#Adopt Something

What will you adopt? Last year I was sitting in my garden and I looked up at the Lilac tree and saw a very hairy little caterpillar, I immediately called my mum and told her (because we love that kind of stuff!) and she said ‘why don’t you adopt him?’ So I did. I called him Benny and he lived in a jam jar in the kitchen. Then after the third day I felt it was time for him to go back into my pretty garden as I knew he would be missing it, so I set him free.

Benny - the hairy caterpillar  I looked after for 3 days

Benny – the hairy caterpillar I looked after for 3 days

However, the whole experience got me thinking…

I learned the principle that whatever you love and adopt or foster into your home, it becomes part of my family and part of you. Then the idea came to start this campaign.

*I would like to invite you to join me in the #Adopt Something


  • Find something to adopt which means a forever home, or foster which is a temporary home. Maybe there is a stray cat that you could feed? A plant you love? Even a pebble to live on your window ledge? Find something you love and give it a home.
  • Take a photo or make a short video and Tweet a few words of your story to  @adoptsomething #Adopt Something
  • Like us on FB:

The best story and photo will win a fun prize – woohoo! Yes, I have a special celebrity friend lined up too to choose the best story  and I will announce the winner during my Edinburgh Festival Show at the end of August to the press.

Finally, in many ways, Benny the caterpillar was really my story too.

I was found in the bush in Nigeria as a baby next to my dead twin, and long story short, my parents (who are white) adopted me. So I know the amazing gift of being loved by someone who you are different to very well with all it’s challenges. Yes I am different from my family – but who cares! Benny had 10 pairs of feet or more and I still loved him!

When Joy Carter was found

When Joy Carter was found

So I would love you to join me in the  #Adopt Something

Campaign and challenge yourself – what will you find to adopt or foster into your home?

*Fundraising challenge*

I am fundraising to find £16,500 for Adoption Arena a not-for-profit company that I set up last year to raise creative awareness of adoption and fostering in the UK and to serve young people and adults.

  • Money raised will enable a nationwide search to find 15 Key public figures that have been adopted/fostered in the UK, video their interviews and share there amazing stories online with you for the launch of National Adoption Week in early November.
  • Money raised will establish the free service of experts who will write and answer your questions on adoption and fostering issues.
  •  Money raised will set up the next ‘Comics For Adoption’ event for National adoption week in November. When comedian who have been adopted/fostered share perform their story and comedy show to raise awareness and money for adoption charities.

Help fund us:


This is an exciting venture! And exciting times for us – THANK YOU for your support and good wishes :-)

Get some joy?

Hear more of my remarkable adoption story; find out about the power of in my debut Edinburgh Festival comedy show ‘#Aspects of Joy’.

Why not come to a preview London show? Or come up to Edinburgh?

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Much love and peace, Joy :-)

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