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After a long absence of posts and work to Adoption Arena, with great great joy I can announce a strong comeback and the welcome of a new perspective on adoption and fostering issues..

What do you get if you combine stand up comedy with a remarkable adoption survival story, extreme flute playing, comedy ballet and the psychology of humour? My – Stand up, music and ballet debut PBH Free Fringe Show 2015

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Aspects of Joy

Aspects of Joy

‘Spontaneous, eccentric and a true individual’

BBC Home Counties

‘So Brilliant’ Jo Brand,comedian

Joy was adopted in Nigeria by white missionaries, grew up in Scunthorpe and now lives with her cat in London where she found inspiration to answer the universal question ‘Can a cat surreptitiously be racist?’ in her show. It was difficult for Joy to face racial bullying and the loss of her twin sister and natural family as a child, but her interest in the psychology of humour helped her to overcome her issues, and later turn misery into material! Joy’s childhood was also drenched with a devotion to music when she learned the piano and flute,

‘many see the flute as boring, I take flute playing to physical extremes, picking up where the film Anchorman left off. My adoption gave me a fearless freedom to push through comedic boundaries and take some bonkers risks.’’

Audiences can expect to be transported into a mad musical comedy world and meet Joy’s new character and alter ego ‘Delphine’ a street dancer/wannabe ballerina, who performs the classic final scene from the film Black Swan. Joy is a comedian who challenges all her performance skills and talents switching seamlessly between stand up, music, singing, dance and clowning.

*HELP FUND ‘Aspects of Joy’ – Be brilliant if you can :-) click on the crowdfunder page as I attempt to raise £3,000 in 2 weeks…!

Venue – Hispaniola,3 Drummond Street, EH8 9TT (venue 79)

Tickets: Free

Time: 14:40 (55 minutes)      

Dates: 8-29 August 2015 (not 19th)

For further information, images, or to request a media ticket please contact

YOUTUBE: ‘Aspects of Joy’ 1 min clip: FB: Joycartershow TW: @joycartershow #aspectsofjoy



Author: Joy Carter

Joy Carter CEO and founder of Adoption Arena. ‘Sharing Joy’ sees Joy write on the positives in this field. What can we learn? What is the government and society doing or not doing concerning adoption or fostering? Expect exclusive interviews and narrative. Read more

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