What’s the buzz around nutrition

What’s the buzz around nutrition? By Sophie Murray

What’s the buzz around nutrition? Its always in the news – front page news links it every day it to another condition. This week I was reading about Alzheimer’s Disease prevention being linked to food once again in a tabloid paper. And not so long ago I was reading about children’s behaviour affected by what they eat. It seems that finally the message is coming through main stream media – we can so often influence the path our future health – or better still, help to change the path of children’s health. That’s a pretty huge impact. As a Nutritionist I am really encouraged that people seem more interested in taking more and more interest – in their health. Seeing time after time peoples health being made better by changing the food they eat is pretty amazing and reminds me why I like what I do. I am not a fan of diets – they can miss out really important bits if information. I really believe in giving the right information for you to make or break a habit or two and reap the benefit. Not always easy but possible – whatever budget, whatever situation.

Healthy eating is worth it

Healthy eating is worth it

How do we know what’s the right food?

It seems there is always a new article about a new superfood or a new super enemy food. Media educate most people about food – as do huge advertising campaigns. BUT, it may be just telling you one piece of the jigsaw and miss out the rest, or give you a snippet of information when you don’t know how to expand upon it (such as telling you to avoid sugar but forgetting to tell you that the fake sugars may be as bad). OK back to square one then!

In my blogs I will try put it simply and logically (its how my basic little brain operates) and start a new topic each time, giving as complete a picture as possible – call it revision for me. I hope it is thought provoking or helpful.

Sophie Murray

Nutritionist BSc, RN (MH)


Author: Features Editor

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