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It’s Only TV: Behind The Scenes Celebrity Photoshoot

Carrie and David Grant are a dream to work with and I often do their makeup for TV. On a recent photo shoot we were chatting about confidence and identity. Carrie made a really interesting comment about artists that applies to all of us, “The more you know yourself, the better your photos will be.”

Knowing yourself is essential but what does that really mean?

Well, David went on to say that ‘knowing yourself’ includes knowing your potential and knowing your value, whether anyone else notices it or not.

He said, “We all act out of who we think we are, if we think we’re rubbish, we’ll act like we really are rubbish, but, if we think were valuable we’ll act like we’re worth something”. This is so true.

Carrie Grant having make up applied by Michele Heir

Carrie Grant having make up applied by Michele Heir

They are an amazing couple who care deeply about encouraging others to be true to themselves and grow in confidence and self-esteem. They also adopted a little boy 2 years ago, (See Carrie’s article on Adoption Arena).

It’s great if you have people who ‘get you’, who accept you and who celebrate your successes, however small. If you don’t have parents or good friends that you trust supporting you, it can be hard to know how well you’re doing. Try and find some simple ways to encourage yourself, and above all, be very kind to yourself.

If she’s getting stressed, one of Carrie’s favourite sayings is: “It’s only TV”, which I love! Life is so full of serious issues and TV and makeup simply aren’t all that important.

Let’s Makeup

When it comes to her own makeup and identity, we’ve worked out a signature look that Carrie’s really happy with and we rarely mess about with it. Sometimes I might suggest something new, but we try to keep it as simple as possible because life’s already complicated.

Shhhhhh!  David likes to have a snooze whilst I’m doing his makeup.

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Author: Michele Hier

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