Laugh at Adoption

Laugh at Adoption: Really? Comedy and adoption on first appearance seem unlikely bed-fellows, and yet the link between the two is a essential.

‘You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humour in anything, you can survive it’  Bill Crosby

laugh and overcome

laugh and overcome


The adoption, fostering and care arena as we all know is fraught with difficult, tragic and emotionally complex subject matter, but humour makes these issues more palatable and attainable to understand.  It is not about ridicule but exploring what I call Ethical comedy. Humour that has a social heart at the root of its nature it is inventive, creative and educational.

‘Experts at restructuring and reframing negative and tragic circumstances into humorous ones, comedians often accomplish on stage what therapists hope to accomplish in their offices.  Those who seek an effective means of coping with and overcoming everything from minor life stressors to major tragedies would benefit from learning the way of the comedian’  Humor’s Hidden Power, Nichole Force, M.A Psychology 2011

Whatever your craft laughter is a great power tool to add to your arsenal.  In the modern world of work and personal life we all need to find relief quickly sometimes, and humour is a great escape. It is a fabulous way of laughing yourself into physical and mental heath too especially when facing extreme or long periods of challenge (please do read Humor’s Hidden Power)


Why not find a laugh, meet the Adoption Arena team afterwards in the bar, and see if what I write can be true? Come along to the next comedy performance of my 1 hour show about adoption, culture and the madness of life, and find out how I have used comedy to express my life challenges?

Musical Comedian Joy Carter in 'GET CARTER' in August 9th

Musical Comedian Joy Carter in ‘GET CARTER’ in August 9th

Here is the detail:


Twin African baby girls were born and abandoned in the bush during the Biafan war in Nigeria, one did not survive one of them was rescued and adopted by a UK white couple and went on to be raised in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

Miraculously that child grew up to be EMMA nominated TV comedian & broadcaster Joy Carter.  She tells her story of how she overcame tragedy by the power of humour to write and perform this dynamic hour show.

Joy covers diverse subjects such as bullying, culture and identity to Osama Bin laden, British Gas and ‘can a cat surreptitiously be racist?’ GET CARTER is relentlessly funny and intelligent with quirky musical interludes on her flute and piano that sparkle!

The show takes place at Canal Café Theatre, Delamere Terrace, Little Venice, W2 6ND

Date: Saturday 9th August                                 

Time: 4.30pm – 5.30pm          

Ticket Price: £10.00

Concessions: £6.00

Book Tickets now via or  


‘Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing’ Mother Teresa.

Sending you some joy, thanks for reading and hope to see you soon :-)

Author: Joy Carter

Joy Carter CEO and founder of Adoption Arena. ‘Sharing Joy’ sees Joy write on the positives in this field. What can we learn? What is the government and society doing or not doing concerning adoption or fostering? Expect exclusive interviews and narrative. Read more

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