Led into diamond

Precious equals challenges

Precious equals challenges

What is the difference between lead and diamond? Apart from the obvious value, appearance and use the answer is heat and pressure. If you add heat, pressure and time to a piece of lead you get a diamond of great worth. So it is with humankind as we go through the difficult pressures and immense heat of life’s situations that we often face.
So next time you are under pressure don’t panic, just know that even though none of us would ever choose hardship, it has the ability to make us into the people that we are born to be over time. I know about this through the systematic bullying that I suffered at school which was lasted 5 years from the age of 12.

Hardship brings character, character perseverance and perseverance strength to go on and achieve goals that many could not endure had they have not gone through challenges.
Last week I got to trace a little of my life journey and realise that the journey from lead to diamond is possible. I was asked to give a motivational talk in the very school that many years before had caused me such great pain, and cost me a fortune in counselling! But in a positive way never having to contend with peer pressure gave me the confidence to be me, it shaped my unique personality and gave me inner strength that today many envy.

Being precious

Being precious

My old school, or as I used to fondly call it ‘that accursed place’ the morning of the talk I was rendered sick with nerves. I need not have worried as I was greeted with rapturous applause as I walked up to the front of the assembly. I remembered the way I had left the school in shame and pain and marvelled at how far I had come as a person. No one in that school could have ever guessed my past as I confidently swaggered up to the stage in high heels and a big smile.

School was a place where many would spit on me, beat me up, call me names and laugh in my face yet now inconceivably it was a place that recognised my talents! Here was an opportunity to sow hope and encouragement into many young lives. It was healing, cathartic and euphoric as my great life journey seemed to swell up and flash before my eyes making me feel giddy. I am not a celebrity, rich or famous but this journey to my old school was like winning the Oscar! The pupils were lovely and the school was a success story in it’s own right.

I am ‘so over’ trying to fit in and please small-minded jealous, grumpy or plain old ‘nasty’ people. I suddenly wondered where are all those bullies from my old school today? Then I thought – bothered?

Most of us whether or not we have been adopted or fostered have suffered some kind of ‘torment’ at some stage in our lives. It isn’t what we suffer it is how we deal with it that determines the difference between staying ‘lead’ or being led in diamond.

The lesson of learning to stand tall when facing adversity comes will make you shine like a diamond even in darkness. This is what differentiates fake gems from the real diamonds. Strength of character only comes when you have paid the price of struggle, suffering and adversity. Diamond is one of the hardest stones known to man, you can drill with a diamond.

Be you. Do what you do well. Make the most of your life and love those who love YOU! Life is too short and precious to waste time on those who don’t value the preciousness and uniqueness of life, but you have to go through the pressure and heat to get to higher levels of understanding.
So next time challenging circumstances surround you know the truth is you are being lead into diamond, and once you have overcome and learnt your lessons you will shine brightly through the facets and grooves of life that formed you in secret.

Author: Joy Carter

Joy Carter CEO and founder of Adoption Arena. ‘Sharing Joy’ sees Joy write on the positives in this field. What can we learn? What is the government and society doing or not doing concerning adoption or fostering? Expect exclusive interviews and narrative. Read more

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