Unpack those happy summer seams

Unpack those happy summer seams and sizzle.

Style is not only about the latest fashion, it is about the latest fashion that is about You.  What do YOU like? So before you head for the magazines or shops I would suggest heading to your wardrobe to look for ‘happy items’.

Those of us who struggle with identity issues, maybe from our past or present know that summer can be a tricky time to dress for, as one naturally wants to wear ‘less’.  So rather than ‘panic’ and cover up in black, I would suggest wearing items that you know you like, summer clothes that evoke a ‘happy memory’ for you, queue the song ‘HAPPY’… (thanks Pharrell Williams for that)

To go with your happy clothing here are a few simple beauty pointers too.

Here comes the summer so let's start with the skin

Here comes the summer so let’s start with the skin

The Basics:


Now is a good time to take some care of your skin, just a little.

Buy some exfoliating gloves/mitts to use in the shower or bath with your regular body wash. This will buff the skin gently, improve its appearance and make it smoother to the touch. Men are particularly surprised by how good it feels to use these, so get on it boys.

Choose a light body lotion to apply after showering to nourish the skin and keep it supple and looking it’s best. Add a little extra onto any dry patches.

You may like to use a body lotion with a tanning element to give a little or more colour. If you do, just be sure to take it easy on the elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and armpits; as these areas grab more colour so ideally use another moisturiser there instead.

Oh, and rinse your hands well afterwards as tanned palms look pretty weird.


Let’s talk about feet. These need some attention before they make an appearance in flip flops, or any open toed shoes, and I’m talking to the men out there too.

If you can manage to do them yourself, clip and then file your toenails until they look neat and tidy. Maybe pass by any nail bar on any high street and find out how much it costs for a pedicure? Book in as soon as it’s in your budget. They’ll happily do both men and women and once it’s done it may be easy for you to maintain them yourself from then on.

Now for some essential glamour, yes glamour for everyone

Sunglasses - a must have so get a great pair

Sunglasses – a must have so get a great pair


Whatever your sex and whatever your budget, buy the loveliest sunglasses you can find.

Cool sunglasses are a great start to the season and are an easy way to get into a summertime groove and give you a little but much needed confidence boost.

Remember your ‘happy summer clothing’ will get you smiling and feeling better immediately.  It doesn’t matter if you have worn ‘those trousers’ a thousand times, why not team them up with a new bag ladies? Or guys a different jacket? Clothes you enjoyed on the beach, on ‘that’ amazing holiday or just enjoying a lovely dinner with a friend, are guaranteed to get you smiling again rain or shine.

That’s all for now folks!


Michele :-) 

Author: Features Editor

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