Adoption diary Peter and Janice

Adoption diary Peter and Janice  - The start

We began talking about adoption over 10 years ago ahead of getting married… we knew this was something we’d want to do at some stage during our lives. For various reasons it wasn’t until last year that we thought about exploring the idea more thoroughly and attended an open evening to find out more about the process.

So last November we entered a building with around 200 people who all wanted to find out more about adoption. Although we arrived on time the room was already packed with people, we found this so encouraging that there were so many seeking the same information as us. Fortunately, some friends of ours, who have adopted and were speaking at the event, managed to save us some seats near the front next to a social worker, who was there to answer any immediate queries or questions we had.

The evening was really well set up with stories from all sides of the equation: adopters, adoptees, agencies supporting potential adopters. This is what struck us more than anything was hearing about the process from so many different perspectives. It was encouraging to hear about the amount of support you would receive from the agency, the trials and the joys of adopting and the benefits you can give to the child you adopt and seeing the result of a nurtured childhood.

The start of our adoption journey...

The start of our adoption journey…


As we walked down the steps of the Town Hall we looked at each other feeling sure that although this will be a challenging process, this was the right time to begin exploring adoption and began imagining what family life could be like with a child! Every question we asked of each other we responded with the same answer: how would you feel about siblings/twins/foetal alcohol syndrome? All these questions we would have to answer in full later but it was the start that we needed to know that now was the time to begin embarking on this adventure!

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